Data Fabric Is the Answer To Your Agile Dreams

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Data Fabric Is the Answer To Your Agile Dreams

E. Wallace By E. Wallace

Operating as an enterprise in the modern world of data can be bewildering. Startups are moving at the speed of real-time data because they can — they’re new and don’t have years of legacy systems that are both necessary and causing bottlenecks.

Shifting to data in motion is a requirement for the new digital age, but how do enterprises manage to extract real value in real-time despite complex systems built from decades of operations? How do they move like an agile business while keeping their legacy of data? Data is locked in silos — applications, databases, warehouses. For the right insights, data needs to be connected across these silos.

The Answer: Data Fabric

Silos are killing your business value and IT shouldn’t be the only department with the keys to the kingdom. Your other departments are frustrated with how long it takes to get the data they need to make data-driven decisions, and they’re looking for a way — any way — to do that without making IT requests.

And your IT department, well, they’re frustrated. They signed on to your team, hoping to create high-level projects and programs that would change the very foundation of business operations. Instead, they’re inundated with requests for low-level data retrieval. Everyone is frustrated at them, and they slip further and further behind, trying to massage data from an infinite amount of sources.

The Solution: Data Democratization

With Data Fabric, businesses can implement data democratization by allowing all users access to the data they need while maintaining governance. The infrastructure supports other non-tech departments in retrieving their own quality data without calling IT and IT gets to put their talents to better use creating deeply valuable programs and projects.

“Ok, but what about security? Governance? Opening data up to everyone opens up our liability.”

Without some sort of governance in place, opening your employees up to data would be a nightmare. But without universal data access, you’ll never move like an agile startup. Those same startups can create a simple governance system because they don’t have massive legacy systems.

Enterprises are taxed with behaving small, operating big, and blending the two. It’s like quantum and classical mechanics — each aspect works well by itself, but unifying them is another story.

The Solution: Customized (And Yes, Automatic) Governance With Intact Original Data

The Data Fabric solution you need opens up access to data safely based on your company’s parameters. The original data source, however, never disappears and never changes. Every department can find the data they need to run a million different projects, but you always have an “undo.” Existing systems are slow and inefficient.

“We have tons of data sources, programs, storage systems, subscriptions, visualizations, tools….”

Businesses need to modernize existing systems without replacing them. Instead of depending on IT to manage data and its systems, business users must be able to get data they need. Meaning and context are hiding in these different systems, causing businesses to patch together solutions to uncover it.

The results are inefficient. Many solutions mimic a Data Fabric in that the system offers a set of separate solutions you can link together globally to produce a “fabric.” The problem? They cause undue complexity. They don’t adapt, may not communicate, and aren’t future proof.

The Solution: A Fully Integrated, Turnkey Solution That Cleans, Systematizes, and Delivers Data in Real-time

True Data Fabric is a turnkey solution designed to take over your data and allow your current systems to shine for what they are. Have Tableau? Let it produce the best visualizations your company has ever seen because it is now powered by enterprise-wide, compliant and governed data - every time in real time. Thinking about Snowflake? Ensure your warehouse remains pristine with automatic data management. No more custom ETLs and data pipelines. New data sources are easy to add, source data is maintained and you even get an undo button.

With a complete Data Fabric, you can swap out any technology decisions in a matter of minutes. This enables teams to experiment with a variety of solutions as the needs arise.

Become Agile, But Keep Your Legacy

“We can’t compete with Agile startups.”

You can, and you can do it well if you have the right tool. Modern Data’s DataOS streamlines your data, ties together disparate sources, programs, and tools, and provides universal access with automatic security-first infrastructure.

Your dreams of operating in data-driven, real-time insight are not only possible, but they’re possible in just six to eight weeks. DataOS can deliver business value in that short period of time and turn your enterprise away from behemoth status to a well-oiled, cutting edge organization. It’s time to see what DataOS can do.

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