All I Want for Christmas is a Real Data Fabric

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All I Want for Christmas is a Real Data Fabric

R. Steiner By R. Steiner

With 2020 nearing its end, many businesses are reflecting on the past year -- the good, the not-so-good, the successes, the victories, and the “oh, we still need to do that”. What became extremely clear this year through us “defining the new normal”, is that data is and must be treated like an asset. To keep up with the pendulous demands of customers, employees, regulations, and so forth, we realized that we are more than ever dependent on data. And that data must be accessible, available, and accurate. You see the question isn’t “how much data do we have?” but rather “is our data actually usable?”

In today’s global-reaching, tech-centric, remote-working, workplace Data Usability must be defined as:

  • Quality - Providing high quality data for analysis
  • Access - Every user and system can access the data that they want, when they want it, and the with appropriate permissions
  • Meaning - Understanding the semantics of data and context of every data element

While many think that striving for this type of data offering is like hunting the Holy Grail, the solution can actually be under your tree this Christmas. Open it and you will find what you’ve been waiting for: A Data Fabric.

Real-time Data...At the Speed of Insight

A real Data Fabric solution offers more than just unified architecture or consolidated technologies. A real Data Fabric maximizes the value of your data. It accelerates your digital transformation by offering:

  • End-to-end data management architecture (all in one box!)
  • Cloud and vertical agnostic technologies (use it with whatever you want)
  • Simplicity (to deploy, use, operate, and manage)
  • Customer control (you have complete operating rights)
  • Freedom (data scientists are free to focus on analytics and value creation; business teams find freedom in gaining real-time insights and the ability to quick pivot from new data discoveries)
  • Scalability (the fabric grows along side your business)

And unlike that personalized cutting board that you ordered for your mother-in-law which took months and months to receive, gaining genuine return on investment (ROI) from a true Data Fabric can be on your doorship within weeks — not months.

10x the Data Value...At 1/10th the Cost

In response to growing data complexity, The Modern Data Company launched a true Data Fabric platform — the first of its kind and designed to provide 10x the data value in as little as six weeks… at 1/10 the cost. DataOSⓇ is a unified data management system that ingests, processes, explores, and distributes data while maintaining the highest governance at all levels.

We finally have a single solution to disaggregate data from all sources, unlocking real value and insight by unlocking the data itself. DataOS handles complex governance organization-wide to accelerate performance without sacrificing security. In short, anyone can become a data stakeholder with no security risk to the company.

Merry Christmas to All and to All...Less Strife

So, let’s give our employees a gift they’ll love this Christmas:

  • Give our IT departments a GDPR compliant solution that safely offers data access to anyone in the organization who needs it
  • Give our business teams simpler, faster data for decision making
  • Give our operations teams growth in operational analytics and business-led data modeling activities
  • Give our end customers a delightful service experience through true customer 360 information

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