DataOS® is the world’s first fully integrated data operating system. It revolutionizes your data management system and rapidly moves you from data to trusted decisions — in weeks instead of years. And with native data governance, your most trusted assets are automatically protected.

Unclutter Your Data in 6 Weeks

The DataOS Difference

Modern layer_icon with circles

A modern layer over
legacy systems

Integrate your legacy systems within your enterprise data management. With DataOS, you can apply modern governance and activation to legacy systems rip-and-replace. Imagine your oldest legacy system communicating with the latest cloud data management—it’s possible out-of-the-box.

Data analysis_icon radar

Data analysis without
data movement

Enable your data infrastructure to perform most data analysis with data in place. Move only the data that needs to be operationalized. This cutting edge component of data security means less risk, lower cost, and significantly more value.

 Outcome-based data engineering_icon play

data engineering

A data infrastructure and data management system built for business users, too—define the outcomes you need and DataOS automatically gets the required data without the need to write pipelines.

 Modern composable architecture_icon square

Modern composable

Build cutting edge solutions in any configuration—think data fabric, data mesh architecture, a lakehouse, CDP, and similar—in weeks instead of years.