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Meet the world’s first data operating system, DataOS®

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Conquer DataOps and Data Composability
Challenges and Transform into a Truly
Data-Driven Organization


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Data is very complex

It doesn’t have to be

Meet the world’s first data operating system, DataOS

A Paradigm Shift in Data

A modern data ecosystem, out of the box

Operationalize your data, without disrupting your business — regardless of your legacy or modern data stack. 

Native and centralized governance 

Make your data free and secure with ABAC-based governance that checks all the critical capabilities in data governance platforms according to Gartner. 

Data lifecycle observability 

Proactively address issues using entire data lifecycle observability paired with extensive activation capabilities. 


Treat your data as software. Declarative primitives, in-place automation, and flexible APIs allow you to easily discover, understand and transform data as you need, to operationalize or observe. 

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Empower business domains to define their ideal data products built on top of Data Lens. Chain data products to quickly deploy entity 360 capabilities (X360) like –

Customer 360

Patient / Member 360

Parts 360

Resource/Skill 360


Leverage the composable architecture of DataOs to compose various data capabilities to accelarate – ongoing discussions

Data Fabric / Data Mesh implementation

Data Modernization

AI/ML initiatives

Snowflake/Synapse and similar cloud data warehouse implementations


Why the World Needs DataOS®

Today’s data landscape is increasingly varied and constantly changing. Despite the proliferation of new enterprise data management solutions attempting to derive value from data, none have met the objectives of data users. The missing fundamental characteristics like flexibility and ease of use emphasize the need for a composable data management solution. We answered the call.



Think → Simple.

Think Secure.

Think Scalable.

Think → Outcomes.

Think → Simple.

Think Outcomes.

Think Secure.

Think Scalable.

Get started with DataOS® now.

It’s ready to use out of the box and free for 30 days.

StarTool: Vendor Identification for
Data and
Analytics Governance Platforms
Modern checks all of the critical capabilities
in data governance platforms

StarData and Analytics Essentials: DataOps
Modern Data recognized as an emerging vendor
in Enterprise Data Management

StarMarket Guide for Active Metadata Management 
Modern is featured in the Gartner Market Guide
for Active Metadata Management

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Pricing that Works for You

Flexible pricing plans

No annual contracts


Pay as you go

First 3 months free



Yearly subscription with no limits
on usage and functionality

Srujan Akula

Srujan Akula

Co-founder & CEO

“We saw a need for a company that humanizes data and its access, breaks data silos, and helps enterprises transform themselves as they take steps towards an AI-powered future. That’s why we founded The Modern Data Company.”

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