Global Retail and E-commerce Firm Improves Shopping Experience of its Customers using The Modern Data Company’s DataOS

Discover why a global retail giant chose Modern Data’s DataOS to manage the data generated by their 1.2 billion online listings. DataOS enabled the client to understand their customers better and improve their overall shopping experience.


COVID-19's devastating global repercussions have forced retailers to adjust business practices in order to survive. While this has posed a number of massive challenges as most merchants have already compiled massive historical data repositories, the exponential growth of data created at the edge also presents a unique opportunity for those willing to embrace the change. Retailers can adopt innovations that improve data operations in order to provide delightful customer experiences, even in the most volatile economic conditions

Data fabrics can sit at the heart of this transformation, enabling a comprehensive approach to data and storage management that spans a widespread inventory and gives retailers the ability to identify and react to customer needs in real time.

Learn more about how data fabrics give merchants the ability to rapidly adjust to fluctuating markets and drive profitability.

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