Leave behind costly, inefficient data stacks
that take years to deliver value, lack crucial context,
and hinder AI and LLM accuracy and performance.

Imagine data that instantly responds to your business goals.

Experience faster value creation, reduced costs, and seamless data product management across all your use cases.

Data Products:
Your path to data simplicity and faster time to value

Consumer centric and outcome driven

Encapsulates code complexity and governance

Simplify access, sharing, and data interoperability

Streamline redundancy and promote reuse

“No one knows data products
better than Modern”

Remember how APIs changed everything in software?

Modern's DataOS is the API moment for data.

Accelerate Insights Unleash insights, fuel targeted campaigns, personalize customer journeys, and watch profits soar.

Lower TCO Ditch data drudgery, automate tasks, minimize data movement, simplify maintenance, and free resources for innovation.

Enhanced Developer Productivity Software engineering practices applied to data enable reuse and repeatability.

The Recognized Leader
in Data Products.
Is Modern

DataOS is recognized by Gartner across multiple categories.

Vendor Identification for Data and Analytics Governance Platforms
Modern checks all of the critical capabilities in data governance platforms

Data and Analytics Essentials: DataOps
Modern recognized as an emerging vendor in Enterprise Data Management

Market Guide for Active Metadata Management
Modern is featured in the Gartner Market Guide for Active Metadata Management

Magic Quadrant For Data Integration
Honorable Mention

DataOS is recognized in the latest Thoughtworks Tech Radar for its innovative approach to enterprise data management and AI enablement. Thoughtworks, a global technology consultancy, identifies DataOS as a trend-setting solution in the evolving data landscape.

Accelerating Business Value.
Is Modern.

From data to decisions: DataOS is the future of business velocity, propelling you forward with lightning-fast insights and exponential value.

Data Mesh Accelerator:
Instantly enable data mesh architecture with DataOS’s intuitive platform and seamless, ready-to-deploy features.

Data driven sales accelerator:
Streamline operations and ignite sales performance with our comprehensive, CRM-independent data approach.

Industry accelerators:
Tap into bespoke data products templates, enriched with third-party data to support industry specific use-cases.

Data driven Marketing intelligence:
Transform customer understanding and campaign results with our Marketing Accelerator, driving strategic actions and optimized ROI.

Enterprise-grade GenAl.
Is Modern.

DataOS: Powering the enterprise with GenAl ready data-composed, governed, and primed for Al success.

Enables easy composition of governed, high-quality enterprise data products, optimized for training and contextualizing GenAl models.

Simplifies LLM implementation in enterprises by facilitating fine-tuning and enabling effective Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG).

Unlocks governed quantitative enterprise data through NLP, creating ready-to-use data products accessible to both humans and Al agents.