Modern Data Fabric
for the AI-powered World

A first of its kind Data Operating System that removes complexity to future proof your data ecosystem so you can build and deploy new data services and applications... in months weeks.

The Modern Data Fabric

“If the median Fortune 1000 business in our sample (36,000 employees and $388,000 in sales per employee) increased their data usability by 10%, it would translate to an increase in $2.01 billion in total revenue every year.”

the Founders

Today, enterprises are spending heavily on a range of data products and stitching them together to get some semblance of a data fabric. These data products require significant integration and customization work, resulting in a final product that lacks flexibility.

We saw a need for a data platform that humanizes data and its access, breaks data silos, and transforms companies as they step towards data democratization and gaining business insights in real-time.
That’s why we founded The Modern Data Company.

The Modern Benefit

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

  • Any format, any size, any velocity
  • Agile ingestion
  • 80% reduction in pre-processing time
Proactive Management

Proactive Management

  • Data-ops
  • Policies and security
  • Observability
  • 60% reduction in Analytics cost
Self-Serve Access

Self-Serve Access

  • Any format, any size, any velocity
  • Agile ingestion
  • 80% reduction in pre-processing time

The Modern Difference


Deploy in any cloud, bring in any data, and get ROI in a few weeks.


With smart data discovery and a unified semantic tier, collaboration and exploration become as easy as Google Docs, Jira, or emails.


With the moden empathy-driven architecture, Future-proof your data ecosystem for unanticipated business needs with modern empathy-driven architecture.


Govern your data with an ABAC-based security engine that automatically makes you CCPA/GDPR compliant.

The Modern Approach

Start small

2-3 Months

  • Pre-processed and cleaned data
  • Play around and visualize on your own
  • Deliver ROI fast
  • Evangelize success and start expanding the data fabric


2-3 Months

  • Deliver cross-BU insights
  • Smart data discovery
  • Global metrics and pattern detection

Go big

5-6 Months

  • Source of truth for all business data
  • Data syndication, auditing and monetization hub
  • Universal, domain, and tribal knowledge bases

Unclutter Your Data in 6 Weeks

Don’t power your innovative solutions with bad data. Power them with secure, governed and high-quality data every time.

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