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A Modern Data Operating System for Government Agencies

Scale and simplify your data insights to power IT modernization, deliver better citizen services, and drive innovation.

To Better Serve and Protect

DataOS® enables government agencies to integrate all data from multiple sources into a single point of access. With granular level permission controls, every user has access to the right data for easy insight discovery across their entire data universe. With DataOS, government agencies can quickly and easily turn massive amounts of data into actionable decisions.
Native Governance icon

Native Governance 

Safely and securely share the value in public-sector data through the platform that checks every governance feature according to Gartner. Built-in ABAC-based native governance means your data is both more secure and free at the same time. 
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Simplified Compliance 

Easily trace data lineage across hundreds of data sources and tens of millions of data objects. DataOS automates reporting, documentation, logs, and lineage to simplify compliance with internal standards and regulations.  
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Data Transparency 

Understand and stay in control of data that has accrued over multiple years with built-in mapping — and no black boxes. DataOS

 allows you to abstract and simplify your data, regardless of format or storage method, without moving it. 

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IT Modernization  

Free IT specialists from maintaining disparate legacy systems and enable them to use data as an asset instead. DataOS transforms your data architecture into a state-of-the-art data ecosystem with real-time data, outcome-driven end-to-end processing, transparency, governance, and compliance — out of the box.