A Modern Data Operating System
for Retail and CPG

Adapt your customer experiences, inventory, and operations in real time.

Powering the Future of Retail

We are witnessing drastic changes in consumer buying behaviors and unprecedented supply chain disruptions. To win in this context, retailers must be able to adapt quickly by leveraging their digital channels and e-commerce to deliver a better customer experience and transform supply chains.

DataOS® enables retail and CPG organizations to access, manage, and share data seamlessly to positively impact every aspect of the business. It empowers businesses to focus on outcomes rather than data wrangling.

Real Time Data Clock icon

Real-Time Data

Create highly customized profiles based on data points generated throughout the entire lifetime of a customer, then use them to power personalized experiences and offers. 

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Customer 360 

Integrate data from every customer touchpoint — from digital to brick and mortar — to deliver a consistent omnichannel brand experience. 

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Data Sharing

Enhance your demand forecasting, allocation, and replenishment capabilities when you can easily track and manage tens of thousands of SKUs across various channels. 

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Advanced Analytics

Leverage browsing patterns and purchase history to increase the relevancy of product recommendations.