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Empowering Wine & Spirits with Sales Accelerator

Transform Your Business with Data-Driven Mastery

We Handle the Data, You Savor the Growth

In the dynamic world of wine and spirits, harnessing the power of data is critical to staying ahead in a competitive market. Our Sales Accelerator for Wine and Spirits is your all-in-one data concierge, meticulously designed to navigate the intricate data landscape of the wine and spirits industry.

Leave the complexity of data to us—our solution not only identifies growth opportunities and enhances customer relationships but also fully manages your data infrastructure from A to Z. It includes robust ‘hunt & farm’ intelligence, AI-driven product matching, predictive churn analysis, and targeted audience building, all integrated with your existing CRM systems.

With us handling the data intricacies, you’re free to focus on what you do best—running your business and crafting exceptional wine and spirits.

The Future of Retail: Key Challenges and Opportunities
Solution Brief

DataOS Sales Accelerator for Wine & Spirits

Drive Top Line Growth

Comprehensive hunt & farm intelligence identifying new account opportunities (‘hunting’) and growth potential with existing clients (‘farming’) enabling offensive and defensive strategies. It seamlessly integrates with your CRM system, ensuring a harmonized and efficient approach to sales execution and top line growth.

State of Business
Descriptive & diagnostic insights with a holistic view of your business and diagnostic factors contributing to the growth or decline

Product-Account Recommender
AI-based predictive recommendations for reorders, upsell/cross-sell for products frequently purchased together

Churn Prediction
Stem declining sales by identifying customers at risk of loss or decline

MODERN GR Wine And Spirits Drive Top Line Growth 1

Experiment & Optimize

DataOS enhances marketing strategies by streamlining audience creation with its Audience Builder and providing advanced analytics for informed decision-making. This includes Market Match and Marketing Mix Models for precise audience targeting, effective A/B testing, channel impact assessment, and CLTV forecasting to drive long-term profitable growth through strategic acquisition, retention, and value maximization.

Audience Builder: Craft and activate targeted audiences for enhanced campaign reach and effectiveness across multiple social platforms

Route-To-Market Recommendations: Efficiently plan routes and visits to maximize sales opportunities.

Market Match & Marketing Mix Models for strategic market selection, audience targeting, enhancing A/B testing, and measuring incremental impact of every channel

MODERN GR Wine And Spirits Experiment And Optimize

Data Integration & Management


Comprehensive data management, including self-serve discovery and exploration, easy data sharing, and robust governance. Insights into workflow costs and drive consistency of information across various platforms and use cases.

Data Literacy: Discover, explore, govern, and share data and models with full visibility on lineage.

Cost Monitoring: Get an overview of computing and storage costs across various assets, workflows, and platforms.

Effortless Data Sharing: Share data with vendors seamlessly without worrying about governance.

Data reusability: Turn critical, platinum data sets into reusable data assets, ensuring consistency across different applications and reporting channels.


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