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How DataOS Nails Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Data Integration


The Modern Data Company has been given an honorable mention in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration. In honor of this achievement, we’d like to re-introduce ourselves for 2024 and let everyone know why DataOS has been and still is one of the most innovative and reliable ways for organizations not only to interact with their data but to put that data to work once and for all.  


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This is your era of insights. Let’s talk about it. 


The Modern Story: Navigating Complexity and Rethinking Data in The Business Landscape    

Enterprises face a data landscape marked by the proliferation of IoT-generated data, an influx of unstructured data, and a pervasive need for comprehensive data analytics. In response, The Modern Data Company emerged, driven by a clear mission: to revolutionize data management and address challenges posed by a diverse and rapidly evolving data environment.

The central piece to this narrative is DataOS®, Modern’s state-of-the-art data operating system designed to unify data across silos on a scalable level. While traditional approaches involve piecing together disparate data products, DataOS® offers a composable framework that seamlessly integrates with existing technology stacks. This ensures immediate effectiveness in data initiatives and positions organizations for sustained success by allowing companies to create, manage, and govern data products.  


Transforming Data Management and Gaining Recognition   

Today, enterprises are investing heavily in varied data products, often necessitating intricate integration and customization efforts, Modern has identified a crucial need for a humanized and flexible data platform. This strategic vision has not only broken down data silos but has enabled clients to build a quality and sustainable data initiative that reaches every single department.

Founded on the principle of empowering every stakeholder to make data-driven decisions, Modern’s journey is intricately tied to the ideals of data democratization. By humanizing data and streamlining access, we’re redefining how organizations harness their data’s power to drive innovation and achieve transformative business outcomes. This mission culminates in the esteemed recognition of honorable mention in Gartner’s 2023 Magic Quadrant for Data Integration, showcasing commitment to excellence and industry leadership in the data-driven era. 


Data engineering excellence

Modern offers robust solutions for building, managing, and operationalizing data pipelines. This capability is instrumental in meeting the analytical demands of various data applications, including analytics, business intelligence (ABI), and data science. By adhering to defined architectural patterns, tools, and methodologies, Modern empowers data science teams to efficiently identify and test high-business-value use cases and manage data products. 


Cloud data integration mastery

Modern also stands out for its proficiency in migrating and modernizing data workloads in the public cloud. DataOS spans seamlessly across on-premises and multiple cloud ecosystems, embracing hybrid, multicloud, and intercloud scenarios. This ensures optimal utilization of cloud resources, positioning organizations for enhanced flexibility and efficiency in their data strategies. 


Master data management expertise

Modern’s DataOS is a data integration master tool that enables and supports creating, maintaining, and managing master data. This encompasses the establishment of data dashboards, execution of comprehensive data quality management, and fulfillment of governance functions down to the granular level. The result—no matter the final configuration or what a company’s data landscape looks like—is a data ecosystem characterized by consistency, reliability, and absolute adherence to governance principles.


Operational data integration leadership

DataOS supports a broad spectrum of use cases. Data products contain data and its metadata, code, and infrastructure so that each product is self-contained and usable independently. This multifaceted approach ensures operational workflows are streamlined but data-driven with data seamlessly integrated into critical business operations without missing any of the vital context. 


Fulfilling Gartner’s Must-Have Capabilities with DataOS Data Products 

In addressing Gartner’s must-have capabilities, DataOS Data Products are a comprehensive solution, streamlining critical aspects of data integration. These independently deployable units encapsulate and orchestrate functionalities essential for robust and efficient data management.

Key Takeaways:

  • DataOS Data Products offer a comprehensive solution for must-have capabilities in data integration.
  • Streamlined bulk/batch data movement, real-time integration, data virtualization, and advanced data transformation are inherent strengths.
  • Data Products empower organizations with flexible and efficient data services through API design.


Fulfilling Gartner’s Standard Capabilities with DataOS Data Products

DataOS Data Products go beyond the essential, fulfilling Gartner’s standard capabilities by incorporating augmented functionalities and self-service empowerment. These features elevate the data integration process, leveraging extensive metadata, AI, and ML algorithms.

Key Takeaways:

  • DataOS Data Products excel in addressing Gartner’s standard capabilities, introducing augmented functionalities.
  • Augmented data integration, self-service data preparation, metadata support, and data governance are key strengths.
  • Data Products empower users with advanced functionalities while maintaining strong governance and metadata management.


Fulfilling Even Optional Capabilities with DataOS Data Products

DataOS Data Products offer optional capabilities that further enhance operational efficiency and financial management within the data integration landscape. These features support DataOps and FinOps, ensuring seamless change management and optimal allocation of cloud resources.

Key Takeaways:

  • DataOS Data Products offer optional capabilities for enhanced operational efficiency and financial management.
  • DataOps support streamlines data pipeline operations, including change management and automation.
  • FinOps support empowers leaders with effective cloud financial management, ensuring optimal allocation of resources.


Building Your Just-Right Data Solution with DataOS

Modern is at the forefront of data integration innovation with its transformative solution—DataOS. Excelling in fulfilling both essential and advanced capabilities outlined by Gartner, our platform empowers users with self-service functionalities and enables context-driven data insights.

Let’s work together to shape the future of data integration and drive your organization toward unparalleled success. Reach out to us today to explore the endless possibilities that Modern brings to your data strategy.

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