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Modern: A Brand Big and Bold


At The Modern Data Company, we’ve been working behind the scenes to launch our refreshed look and we are so excited to finally reveal it. It’s taken several months of careful consideration, wild creativity, and sweat equity from our team members. It may seem like tech, data science, and branding don’t have much to do with each other on the surface, but this is an important step in Modern’s journey as the only company on the market with a true data operating system.


Why the new look?

Branding makes an impression. As a young company, a brand can help set us apart from our competitors and create a recognizable look that our customers would know anywhere. Branding captures the feeling of Modern, but sometimes, it must evolve as our company does.

The Modern Data Company has already been through some clarifying changes. We started out as a data fabric company, even incorporating a fabric pattern into our logo.  However, we quickly realized that “data fabric” doesn’t cover everything that’s possible with DataOS. At the time, data fabric was the best term we could think of to describe the revolutionary new data solution we had built, but relying only on the data fabric label to tell our story was too limiting.

Our former brand look was bold and playful — it didn’t look like anyone else’s brand. And for that, we are grateful. But now, The Modern Data Company is growing up and playing in a bigger field; we’ve expanded well beyond the limits of a data fabric (though our customers can still use DataOS to build one) to become the very first data operating system on the market capable of building almost any configuration our customers can dream of.


The Modern Data Company, AKA Modern, is ready for enterprise

We’ve always known that our data operating system could integrate any company’s data from source to insight, no matter what. The playfulness of our original look belies the seriousness of our position, though — everyone should be able to leverage data, even in the face of unimaginable complexity.

Our brand refresh covers:

  • Our website
  • Our emails and newsletter
  • All downloadable content
  • All our sales materials
  • And our story

A great brand will reshape how customers, investors, and even employees view Modern. Our refresh is expansive. It contains the same color family as the original but with updated tones. It should feel familiar and yet, at the same time, more exciting. It was a collaborative effort this time between our insanely talented marketing team and a wildly creative agency brought in to help us clarify our vision. 

Now, instead of offering a cheeky, playful take on branding for a tech company, we have a fleshed-out story reflected in each animation, color palette, and font. This is a true reflection of The Modern Data Company.


The Modern Data Company is expanding its reach

One of the most significant changes will be our website. You’ll still have access to our blogs and resources pages, but we’ve added more depth to showcase DataOS and its flexibility across multiple industries. 

The brand is more than our colors. We’re also constantly adding new content to our resources page and providing our sales team with expanded materials designed to address the real challenges that our customers have with their data systems and what DataOS can do to help them take control of their data.

Our new website is now elegant and responsive — exactly like the operating layer that Modern can build for enterprises using DataOS. 

Take a look at our new website and pay attention to newsletters or emails you get from us in the coming weeks. We think this updated brand is truly Modern, and we can’t wait for you to interact with it.

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