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A Modern Data Operating System for Technology Companies

DataOS® powers your next-gen products, regardless of size or complexity.

Build and Deploy Technology Products at Scale

DataOS delivers a complete, modular data ecosystem as a product. This allows you to concentrate on serving customers, rather than on locating and accessing the data that powers your products. DataOS covers all aspects of data including security, access, governance, scale, and activation.


With DataOS as the underlying ecosystem powering your solutions, engineers and analysts can access trusted high-quality data quickly and easily for applications, analytics, AI/ML models, and automation. Meanwhile, your teams can drastically reduce cost and risk by simplifying data management and governance across previously siloed landscapes — and still remain in compliance with privacy and security regulations.


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Data Discovery 

Easily locate and access all data. Then use the many built-in tools to interact with the information in a meaningful way, assess data risks, access control, and meet security or compliance requirements. 

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Data Sharing 

Make data simultaneously freer and more secure with row and column level permissions. Empower internal and external teams to collaborate even in the most stringent data environments. 

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Streamlined Setup 

Enable business and value driven processing from the get-go. DataOS automates data ingestion and transformation. Metadata is also automatically computed, before ever moving your data.  

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Data Access 

Enabling more than just access, DataOS comes with a variety of powerful built-in tools to support visualization, analysis, and manipulation of data relevant to business users and data scientists alike.