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The Story of Our Brand is the Story of Modern


I have the great pleasure of handling marketing strategy for The Modern Data Company. We recently refreshed our brand, which includes a completely revamped website and marketing materials.

Branding is a labor of love. I work for one of the most exciting companies in the world right now. Modern has a data operating system unlike anything else on the market — one that reimagines how companies approach their data and how data companies deliver results. One of the biggest challenges, when you’re working with something unprecedented, is telling its story correctly. 

Telling the right story was the catalyst for the change, and I think we’ve nailed it.


In the beginning, there was the data fabric.

Modern built the very first data operating system, but in the beginning, we didn’t know what exactly to call it. We knew it changed how non-tech users approached data-driven decision-making. We knew we’d ruffle some feathers by making dependence on ELTs and ETLs optional. We knew most companies needed a better governance solution before they could even think about unlocking their data from rigid silos. We just didn’t have a term for it.

So, we settled on “data fabric” because that seemed to be something our customers and the industry could hold onto while we asked them to change everything that they thought they knew about data management. Our branding at the time reflected this exploration. 

When everyone in the industry was using “tech blue” to build their websites, we chose a bright, bold color palette to distinguish ourselves. We chose to represent key pieces of Modern’s mission using animation-style images. We even incorporated a fabric pattern into our logo. It worked well at the time, and we gained traction with some wonderfully forward-thinking companies who were ready to untangle their data.


But we aren’t a data fabric. We’re a data operating system.

The story wasn’t quite the right fit, however. First, we outgrew the label “data fabric.” Companies can still get a data fabric through Modern’s DataOS, but it’s only one of many configurations DataOS can enable. We also outgrew the look and feel of our website. It was too limited and didn’t contain all the resources and initiatives needed to encompass the full potential of DataOS. 

We needed to tell the real story. Our refreshed brand features a grown-up, expanded color palette, images that harken back to the expansive possibilities of DataOS, and more resources for companies looking to find exactly what Modern’s data operating system can do for them. We’ve even overhauled our logo –– it uses composable pieces to create the “M” in “Modern,” paying homage to the truly composable capabilities of DataOS.

When everyone else was thinking up new storage solutions for customers to upload their data, we decided that customers don’t need to move their data at all. When everyone else was thinking of ways to justify the disruption that companies face when adopting a new data solution, we decided to integrate with the systems customers already have. When everyone else charged ahead to take control of a customer’s data for them, we put control back in the customer’s hands.


This is Modern’s story but it can also be yours

Our new look reflects exactly how much we value flexibility and thinking outside the data box. DataOS is a striking, boundary-pushing concept that puts companies back in control of their data, and we hope that our brand encourages you to think about data in new and revolutionary ways.

And speaking of stories, let us know if there’s a story we still haven’t covered from your industry or your situation. DataOS and Modern can solve nearly any data challenge in nearly any industry, and we’d love to prove it to you. Also, let us know what you think about our new look. This is the Modern story, but guess what? It can also be your new data story. 

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