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The Four Pillars of DataOS


The Four Pillars of DataOS

by Jan 7, 2022Data Fabric

The Modern Data Company is building its entire legacy around four distinct pillars. These pillars take on modern business challenges around data and digital transformation. When Modern’s clients invest in DataOS, Modern’s data operating system, they gain tools to untangle data, achieve real-time insights, and get control of governance and security even with complex data sources and products.

These four pillars are:

  1. Modular and Interoperable: A modular data operating system allows companies to take what they want and build on top of what they already have.
  2. All things data: All data products, sources, and services in a company’s data environment are united in one holistic view.
  3. Model-driven automated data engineering: Human error derails projects, but automation speeds insights.
  4. Do not touch legacy infrastructure: Companies don’t need to worry about legacy infrastructure with Modern’s operating system. Modern helps them preserve their investment while expanding their capabilities.

We’ve curated resources and content to highlight exactly why these four pillars will transform data use. Let’s explore.


1. Modular and Interoperable

Companies must move beyond capturing and storing data. Data in motion provides real-time insights, allowing even large enterprises to adjust to disruption efficiently. Solutions should be composable and adaptable.

If it sounds too complicated to be true, Modern can show you what’s possible.

“Four Ways Companies Can Build Next-Level Analytics Capabilities”


2. All things data

Companies struggle to integrate new solutions with existing ones, often leading to paralysis. New tools often lead to data silos and fractured workflows. How do they invest in expensive new systems when they aren’t sure if those solutions work with what they already have? The key is leveraging an operating system that bypasses integration, bringing in all data from all sources and all solutions.

Some decision-makers may believe it’s only a dream. Here’s what The Modern Data Company has to say about that.

“It’s Time to Make Integration Worries Obsolete”


3. Automated data engineering

Silo-ing data solutions in the IT department robs the enterprise of two things. First, the real talents and expertise of IT professionals are wasted chasing small projects and maintaining manual control over multiple systems. Second, it loses the insights and frontline understanding that come from trusting business departments to build their own strategic questions. Automating data engineering allows any stakeholder to derive value from data safely without IT’s expertise in algorithm development or data pipelines. Let IT own the infrastructure and governance. Let business users own the data.

Yes, each and every department can become data-driven, and that initiative starts from the business side.

“Bulletproof Your Data Strategy from the Business Side”


4. Preserved legacy infrastructure

Businesses have data from a variety of sources, including legacy systems. These systems are too valuable to toss out but can hinder the flow of data thanks to outdated programming or disconnection from other tools.

A data operating system like DataOS can create a fabric that integrates legacy systems and new systems into one data solution. Companies keep their valuable historical systems but can move forward with digital transformation efforts. Here’s how a data fabric/mesh can revolutionize a company’s data efforts without jettisoning legacy systems.

“All I Want for Christmas is a Real Data Fabric”


DataOS can change the trajectory of your company. Yes, really.

The Modern Data Company has built a solution to any data issue a company has—DataOS. The operating system is not a service. It’s not a third-party plug-in. Companies don’t have to move their data to use it. It connects disparate data sources and allows the enterprise to take components it needs and leave all the rest.

If it sounds too good to be true…we assure you, it isn’t. Schedule a demo to discover how we can transform your company’s entire data trajectory in just six weeks. Start the new year off with the best insights your company has ever had.

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