Net Zero Urban Data Science

Climate Change Threatens
Today’s Cities

Cities are among humanity’s most magnificent creations, but today the world’s cities are severely threatened by climate change. Major floods, storms, droughts, and fires are becoming more and more common, and more and more deadly. To respond effectively to climate change, cities have to mitigate and adapt in the short term, and also become Net Zero GHG producers in the medium term. Both objectives will require new policies, behaviors, and regulations across a wide range of urban management issues.

But what are the right policies?
To determine what’s best, we need to collect reliable data from a very broad spectrum of agencies and firms, and from all across the urban landscape. Then we have to perform rigorous analytics to understand what the data mean. At present, however, the necessary data are incompatible, fragmented, and they’re mostly inaccessible. Net Zero Data Science has been created to help solve exactly this problem.

Urban Twin

Combining the construction industry with technology has yielded the “Digital Twin,” the building represented as interacting systems in a computer simulation.

The same approach may now be applied at a much larger scale, to the city and its region, in order to facilitate the accelerated transition to Net Zero. This is the Urban Twin™, our solution to urban-scale data and analytics.

The Urban Twin is a platform to collect, organize, and analyze massive amounts of hard data that come from hundreds of different sources.

In the past they were stored in different and divergent systems, proprietary, fragmented, siloed, incompatible, and bringing them all together was, well, impossible. But now we can.

But this is precisely why The Modern Data Company has launched Net Zero Urban Data Science.

Its DataOS system is fully capable of supporting this massive task; in fact, it’s the type of challenge that DataOS was designed for.


Often people tell us, “We have the data. We just don’t know what to do with it.” With the Urban Twin platform, you can easily collect and organize the data, and begin mining it for valuable insights.


  • Use the platform to create a portfolio-level view of the performance of all your building assets.
  • Aggregate data across all properties.
  • Gain insight into energy performance to facilitate effective investment.

Neighborhoods & Districts

  • Use the platform to create a clear view of the performance of all buildings in the district.
  • Aggregate data across all facets of the neighborhood.
  • Gain insight into how the district functions, where improvement is needed, and how to optimize.

City Leaders

  • Use the platform to create a comprehensive, city-wide understanding of the performance of your city.
  • Aggregate data across all departments, and from across the private sector.
  • Protect sensitive data while still accessing it.
  • Gain critical insights into all aspects of the city’s performance to facilitate the identification of areas for improvement.

Data Value Stack

The Data Value Stack framework shows the end goal on the right – the implementation of sound policy and strategy.

But to get there we have to work from the far left, from the data.

The complete data set, well analyzed, and clearly presented, has to be available to decision makers in order to ensure that the right decisions are made.

Net Zero Data Value Stack

Value increases as you move from left to right. But without reliable data at the left, you cannot succeed.


Data Sources


Data Management


Data Security & Access




Digital Strategy


Implementation: Strategy Achieves Results


We aspire to achieve:

  • Sound Policies Chosen
  • Well Managed Growth
  • Sustainability
  • Liveability
  • Innovation
  • Climate Resilience
  • Climate Adaptation
  • Economic Success
  • Global Leadership
  • Increased Equity
  • Net Zero

Users & Stakeholders

These are:

  • Leadership
  • Government Agencies
  • Civic Leaders
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Investors
  • Owners
  • Builders
  • Business Leaders
  • Citizens

The Data OS Platform: Original Thinking about Data Management

DataOS® is an integrated data management platform built with a best-of- class, cloud-agnostic data fabric architecture. It delivers real-time, high-quality, trustworthy and actionable data, which enables the creation of a robust data supply chain that can create significant value from data assets, because it frees the data to be used by, and to create value for, anyone and everyone across the city and its region.

DataOS was designed from the outset to handle datasets of massive scale, and most importantly perhaps, to free the analysts from the tedious work of massaging the data, enabling them instead to focus on delving into it for insights.

DataOS offers:

  • A cloud-based platform for collection and integration of data on the massive scale of an entire city or region.
  • Seamless data sharing.
  • The capacity to automatically ingest, assess, and cleanse huge data sets from diverse sources.
  • Ready-made tools for comparison, visualization, analysis, modeling, and presentation to support policy makers and leaders in finding solutions to intractable problems.
  • Advanced analytic capabilities are built in, including AI and ML.
  • Real-time functionality eliminates lags.
  • Full integration with analytic tools such as Tableau, R, and Python.

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